Turtle Bay Estate Sales

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Our estate sale process typically takes one week, taking your home from being completely full of your family’s personal belongings to 100% cleared out and clean, and ready to sell. 

A phone call away

1. Pre-Sale Walkthrough: We walk with you around your home to determine what is sold vs. kept
2. Staging: We stage your home and turn it into a shopping experience. 
3. Research & Pricing: We research items of interest and price them accordingly to market values.
4. Appraiser Review: Our appraisers have a keen eye for antiques, jewelry and heritage pieces.
5. Family Review: You and your family walk through the fully staged and organized home, and take anything else you want to keep.
6. Estate Sale Weekend: The big weekend is here! Most sales are two to three days and nearly everything is sold by Sunday.

Get in touch today

We offer free estimate on your estate. We will research items of interest, because we strive to get you the highest prices possible. No upfront costs! We will help you with:
- downsizing
-liquidating an estate
- senior relocating

After the sale we  promise to stick with you until the last item is out of the home. This is very important for our clients that live out of the state or even out of the country. We take this step very seriously. We have held many sales for clients that we never even met. Relatives pass away and the family is nowhere near Florida . All sales are unique and we will make arrangements to dispose of unsold items via auction, donation, or clean out. 


We are a family oriented business that believe in professionalism and respect are key factors in making your sale go as smoothly as possible.
With our combined European and American  years of experience we proved our knowledge and great customer service!
Don't hesitate to contact us!

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